Citizens speak out


“I do not understand why this town continues to think the only answer is spending and overriding.  It is outrageous.  I moved here about 8 years ago.  During that time, I have seen my property taxes go through the roof, more than doubling in the eight years.  Let's not leave out the increase in town dump fees, increase in water charges, etc.”

“Wayland is highly politicized. At the moment, one well-organized group dominates. While its cause may be worthy, the "ends justify the means" attitude displayed by some of its members has forced other groups of Wayland residents to band together out of self-protection.”

“Thank you for pointing out the SOS meeting.  Who runs this town anyway?”

“I can’t believe the gall of those people.  A private meeting in a private home, all those elected people and town employees?”

“ assessment is $130K higher and next door the house is bigger and it didn’t change, it doesn’t make any sense.”

“the assessors can get to my case because there is nobody working there so they sent me this piece of paper to sign for a delay...”

“The real estate taxes are now taking most of my pension.  Don’t these people realize I’m on a fixed income?”

“Everything is going up so fast, I don’t know what to do or if I can stay here.”

“I can’t sell it.  The real estate market here has crashed and its not worth even selling.”

“Those people, they want to take our money and take and take.  There is never enough.”

“I’ve lived here all my life.  It was different then.  Now all they want to do is take your money for what they want.”

“I can’t put your sign on my lawn.  I’m afraid of what my neighbors would say to me.. but I will vote for you Alan”

“My kids still go to elementary school.  I can’t be visible with how I feel about you Alan.”

“My husband died last year and I have to make it now on a fixed income and there is nothing left.  I’m 82 ya know.”

“Glad your running Alan, we need you.  I’m gonna talk to my neighbors and let them know.”


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