My Selectman Record 2005-2008

  1. Avoided a costly federal lawsuit and worked hard to bring cellular communications to Wayland through the installation of a monopole on the highest point in town - Reeves Hill.

  2. Interviewed, selected and was the swing vote in hiring Wayland’s first Town Administrator in accordance with town meeting wishes.

  3. Worked hard to justify and promote affordable housing at the Nike Site on Oxbow Road.

  4. Deeply involved in septic and wastewater issues with respect to the proposed Town Center and its development agreement.

  5. Won important concessions on wastewater for the Town Center development agreement..

  6. Convinced the assessors to publish an historical and running record of tax increases retroactive to 2000, thereby avoiding future distortions of fact.

  7. Created a downloadable tax calculator enabling any residential property owner to analyze the tax changes for any address in Wayland.

  8. Promoted improvements in the assessment system which has resulted  in a petitioner’s article, at April town meeting, to help achieve equitable valuations.

  9. Negotiated on the Wayland Commons 40B development.

  10. Helped residents find traffic mitigation solutions for neighborhood streets due to Town Center effects.

  11. Interceded in a coyote/-deer kill on a residential property with the police and the wild animal control officer.

  12. Worked with the Loker neighborhood on their quest to avoid the Loker school reconfiguration.

  13. Was consistently outspoken on avoiding overrides and promoting hard union negotiations.

  14. Advocated giving the voters more choices through menu override options.

  15. Supported WayCAM activities and endorsed their continued existence at the High School.

  16. Was the point person for the Board of Selectmen on the Verizon Cable TV negotiations which provided the town an escalating royalty, resulting in the highest possible royalty plus a $300,000 cash payment.

  17. Advocated to put public safety first in all override ballot questions by breaking out ambulance and police/fire from the main sum of money.

  18. Had a 99% attendance record at Selectmen meetings and devoted over 1,000 hours of personal time to public service.

  19. Was the analytical Selectman; the engineer who utilized computer and data analysis skills and advantages to improve the decision making process.

I have much more energy and ideas to bring to the Selectmen’s table. 

I ask for your vote on April 7th.



My record of contributions to Wayland as your Selectman...