Technology in the Schools and in Town Government


We must bring our educational methods into the 21st century; and integrate communications across all Town departments.

With Internet communications ubiquitous to our way of life, and 70% of our town’s costs spent in the school system, both current educational practice and economics dictate that the educational system must incorporate more technology into their teaching strategy, business systems and workflow, to help our kids to compete in a global, competitive market.

The Wayland Schools are only now beginning to embark on a long overdue program of infrastructure and equipment improvements which will revolutionize the educational process and ultimately drive down costs, as well.  I support and encourage the Wayland Public School’s technology effort.

I also support using technology in our town government.  As a member of Wayland’s Electronics Communication Committee (ECC) I am actively involved in making recommendations to upgrade and improve town communications, in particular, the town’s website.  I am proud to be a contributor on that committee.

As an Engineer and former educator, I use technology daily. When I was a Selectman, I used web technology at meetings to provide timely, real-time solutions to questions that would arise. Here are some examples of searches I did and what they accomplished:

I helped solve a bus pollution problem at the high school

I saved the town thousands of dollars in just a few minutes searching property tax records for information that would be used in the town center negotiations.

Four years ago I recommended to the Board of Selectmen, that the town scan and digitize its documents and place them for download on the town’s website.  This would give full and transparent access to every citizen at any time.  This would also eliminate the need for our police force driving around Wayland delivering paper packets to the five Selectmen every Friday. Isn’t that a waste of precious resources?

The Selectmen, only recently, have taken the first step to place the cover sheets to those packets on line.  The ECC committee will be recommending at April Town Meeting, what I recommended 4 years ago.

If I am elected and the town doesn’t put the full packets on line, I will - on my personal website, as a service to you.

I am essentially paperless in my personal, business and professional life and I will continue to use technology to benefit the residents of Wayland as your next Selectman.

We as a town and as a people must be prepared for technology which is here now and is growing Exponentially

Consider the following short film....


Wayland is way behind the technology curve.

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