Electronic Voting is Spreading to Other Towns

Wayland you were the first in Massachusetts and the first in New England to boldly take the step to bring electronic voting into our 400 year old tradition of New England town meeting.

Wayland ELVIS committee

Here is a list of other Massachusetts towns who have either gone electronic voting or are in various stages of evaluating it for their own town meeting.

Arlington Link

Amherst Link

Chelmsford Link

Duxbury LinkWill Zachmann OpEd Duxbury Clipper 11/20/131/6/14 VideoBegin 3:25

Framingham Link

Hingham Link Link

Ipswitch Link BoS 5-0 For - Moderator Speaks contrary Start at 3:03:12

4/25/14 Alan Reiss speaks in Front of Ipswich FinCom Start at 1:21

Lexington Link

Natick Link

Plymouth Link

Wareham Link

Wellesley Link

Westborough LinkOctober 21st, 2013 - Tries electronic voting Discussion Dec 2, 2013

Westwood Link

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