Hermit Lake Property

In 1994 my family came to point of decision. We had a CD of value equal to $50K. (Which makes a nice sized real estate purchase down payment.) The real estate market in New England was 'for sale', especially in New Hampshire where dozens of Lake Front properties were for the taking and the interest rates were at an historical low point. We had 2 children (at the time 9 and 3) and we contemplated a third.

In a 'half joking' manner I said to my wife. "How about we NOT have a third child and we buy a vacation property in New Hampshire ?"

Eighteen years later we still have two children and this page is dedicated to that decision my wife and I ultimately made in 1994.

Hermit Lake (formerly Plummers Pond) is a small 10 acre lake exactly 107 miles from my front door in Wayland. Off of interstate 93, exit 22 and officially in the town of Sanbornton NH. A detailed lake depth contour map can be seen by Clicking Here.

The property is old and is built into the side of an embankment which slopes down to 175 feet of New Hampshire style, rocky and coarse, beach front. From the roadside there is a horseshoe private drive and, because most of the property is 'below road grade', you can only see the top portion from that drive. The picture below was taken during the month of April and I will be mentioning these time periods because things look a lot different depending what time of year it is... this is true for all of New England.

Looking towards the house from the other side of Hermit Lake in the Summer.

Approximately the same view (below) but this time walking on the frozen lake. Notice the snowmobile tracks. This is a good sign if you walking on ice !

From the house looking across the lake at the large community beach and a magnificent house on the other side.

Alan Reiss 2012