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Wayland has a rich history and diverse culture, and all of this  makes our town one amazing community to be part of !

Archeological history has been documented back to the mid 1600’s, “when, in 1677, marauding Mohawk Indians attacked and marched off sixteen young men.” A Mohawk chieftain later apologized "for this unauthorized action of his headstrong young braves" and sent wampum belts as a settlement. “But the young, Natick Praying Indians, just as educated as their white neighbors, were never heard of again.” - The Meaning of Cochituate by A Richard Miller.

The revitalization of Cochituate Village would not only protect an important Wayland asset, it would protect the way of life for those who live in the immediate area.  A revitalized village would increase business traffic and tourism, and these would add to the income tax revenue of the entire town.  A revitalized village would supplement the efforts to commercialize Rte. 20 which essentially develops and helps the entire town.  In fact, other areas of Wayland should be revitalized for their business and historical assets.

The CVS Cochituate group asked all the candidates to supply their ideas on how the village could be protected and revitalized. As far as I know, I was the only candidate to actually reply and submit   ideas that that group.

If any group were to ask me for my input on a topic,  I would oblige them in the same, professional and expeditious manner.

I created a marketing proposal that talks about branding, and a group’s ability to organize around the political process to make sure that their interests are represented within the Wayland legislative process; a right that any group has and should explore if they think that it is important to their interests.

Click here to see the document.

I am proud of this marketing plan, this brainstorming session; but apparently it has created different reactions and interpretations of intent.

In the document and as part of my idea for branding, is the concept of restoring the idea of a ‘Ceremonial Mayor’ which, in fact, has been done in Cochituate in the past.  I envisioned this position to be a village elder, a parade leader, a go-to person and/or a conduit to the larger, Wayland town government.

The idea of it being an actual Mayor was first proposed and displayed in a thread written by, and was later corrected to include the key word ‘Ceremonial,’ as it should have in the beginning, and as is clearly described in the document.

Here is the thread which exists now on

As you can see, my document touched off a mild tornado of reaction so I wish to set the record straight here:

Q: Alan are you proposing a separatist split between Cochituate and Wayland?

A:  NO and this was the very last thing that I would have expected as a reaction to my village marketing proposal.  I live in Wayland, there is only one Wayland. When I was your selectman I was selectman of all  Wayland. To say that I wish to split Wayland is an incredible distortion, and to propagate that message would be propagating a lie.

Q: Alan are you proposing a new post office for Cochituate.

A: NO. I was suggesting as part of a branding proposal that people and businesses in the village refer to Cochituate, as the Loker Green sign already says: ‘Village of Cochituate.’  In fact, there is a US Post Office in Cochituate right now, and it’s an excellent one, and the postal workers there are among the best I’ve ever met.  This is local branding and a suggestion as part of a marketing plan.

Q: Alan are you proposing a Mayor for Cochituate?

A:  NO. As part of a marketing and branding plan I proposed to consider installing a ‘Ceremonial Mayor.’  Other towns do this when they want to improve tourism, business or create a focused way to communicate with the larger town government.  A defacto Ceremonial Mayor did exist in Cochituate for over 30 years in the name of John McEnroy.  But my marketing proposal for a Ceremonial Mayor was less political then it was a figurehead.  So saying that I want a true Mayor for Cochituate is not accurate and is not the intent of what my document clearly spells out.

Q: Alan your document spells out political organization - whats the intent of that?

A:  Any geographic area that wants protection will want zoning, planning, septic, 40B protections and a host of other things.  In fact, the CVS Cochituate group, right now, has an article to be considered at town meeting this April.  This is article 28 to amend the town code section 19B and establish a Cochituate Village Overlay District.  The CVS Cochituate group was successful in having the planning board submit this article and have the FinCom approve it 7-0. Not a trivial task.  Political organization and knowledge is a requisite to get one’s priorities accomplished. This is reality.  I support any group’s legal and moral right to organize politically and work within the democratic process within our Wayland central government and town meeting process.

Q: Alan do you believe that a political organization based on geographic boundaries is divisive to Wayland?

A:  Many feel such organizations would be divisive and would continue the North/South divide that has been experienced in Wayland way long before present time.  While we can’t ignore those historical realities, we must also realize that we are one Wayland, but geographical considerations sometimes, by necessity, do form unions of people who have common problems to solve based on location. 

Q: Alan if you are elected as selectman, will you be the selectman for the entire town?

A:  Absolutely, there is no other answer to that.  When I was your selectman for 3 years, From 2005 to 2008, I was selectman for all of Wayland. Look at my record.

Q: What do you think about the distortions that have spun from your marketing document?

A: It’s election season and there are some who do not want me elected.  Unfortunately, this is the nature of elections and the nature of politics.  After understanding the content and context of my document, which was given to the CVS Cochituate group at their request, if one were to continue to propagate these distortions, then I would have to conclude that those people simply do not want me elected and I have no chance of changing their minds.

But I’ll keep trying.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me directly.


Cochituate Village - A Jewel of Wayland!

Wayland Voters Network does a great job in summarizing the candidate positions and setting the record straight on the Cochituate Village rumors.

Their article, below, is worth reading.

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